How in-tune do you feel with yourself right now? 

Empower yourself as you enter a Sacred Space to experience relaxation, healing, and self connection.

 Reclaim your ​inner peace and love for life, wherever you find yourself on your life journey right now..

“Have you been distracting yourself with sounds, words or activities, in an attempt to avoid feeling or diffuse pain? This is your invitation to stop and listen

to the sounds of your own soul.”  Brandon Bays-

Like everything created by nature, human-beings are designed to be in harmony with themselves and their environments.

But in this complex world, many people are finding themselves to be completely out of tune. We find ourselves confronted with so many voices from the outside world, that we no longer know which of the voices we're hearing on the inside are our own.

Instead of feeling a sense of freedom from all the choices and possibilities available in life, confusion arises about personal values and life direction.

We are pulled in so many different directions - boss, employee, lover, partner, friend, parent - often it’s hard to know what we really need for ourselves, let alone what we deeply desire. It is so easy to find ourselves stuck in old patterns and lack personal fulfilment.

Maybe YOU once had a clear view of your priorities, but somehow they’ve become all mixed up.

The Reconnected Voice provides you with a space to come back into contact with yourself, with who you are, what has shaped you and where you really want to go. All services offered by The Reconnected Voice are designed to support you in getting your priorities back in order, and to make the small but effective practical life changes that are going to get you off the treadmill and back on the path that your Soul intended. 

Welcome! I'm Francesca J. Littmann, Energy Healer, Intuitive Channel, Voice Reconnection Guide & Vision Holder of The Reconnected Voice. 

The Reconnected Voice provides you with the experience of what it is to really connect with yourself.

It is my deepest honour to offer you a Sacred Space, practical tools and life wisdom which you can take into your everyday life, so you can continually nurture yourself and enable your Soul's growth, even - and especially - in times of stress and pain.

I know how vital it is for YOU to uphold your connection with your Sacred Inner Power. Because like you, I am human, and I know how it feels to be vulnerable.

I hear the music of your soul calling. And the greatest gift I can give to the world is to re-connect you with your Inner Voice.

Are you ready to listen to the calling of your Soul? 

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