Reconnected Woman

Are you ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime?

Free yourself yourself from the wounds of the past

Every woman has the right to a Sacred Space

Within and outside herself

Where she can be true to who she is

Step into your Feminine Power

Where she can speak freely and be heard

And give voice to the pain she & all women have collectively been burdened with for thousands of years

Reignite the Sacred Sisterhood

A space where she feels safe to embrace her healing journey

Safe to love herself

Safe to be loved

No matter what

12 Intensive 1-to-1 Sessions

A Safe Space to explore your inner world reveals new insights that deepen your self-connection. Energy healing techniques heal deep wounds & old patterns not only from this lifetime, but also those carried on the cellular & energetic levels from your ancestors & previous lifetimes. Coaching & life guidance empowers you with an abundant toolkit to navigate through life as a RECONNECTED WOMAN.

Reconnect With Your Tribe

The private RECONNECTED WOMAN online Sister Circle is a group of women dedicated to raising themselves & the planetary vibration through loving support of one another. This is the place where you can reconnect with the ancient wisdom found when women come together to lift each other as they walk the ups and downs of their life paths.

Growth Together

Share and celebrate your experiences with your Sisters from around the globe with RECONNECTED WOMAN events, retreats & inner pilgrimages at beautiful locations around the world, created to take you deeper into honouring the incredible woman that you already are.

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