Reconnected Voice Course

Singing is our most natural &

powerful tool of self-expression






The Reconnected Voice One-to-One Course     Has Been Created To Bring You Back Into Deep, Loving Connection With Your Voice

The voice is an integral part of not only our physical, but also our emotional and spiritual make-up, enabling us to express our pains, our joys and the depth of our inner experiences.

But for many, something has gone wrong. Instead of using the voice freely in joyous song, something or someone has come along and muted that expression.

We have created so many judgments about the sounds the human voice produces and what constitutes 'good' singing, that many people are muting their voices and preventing their full vitality in the process.

The Reconnected Voice Course Is Here To Change That!


Whether you're terrified at the prospect of singing, or are simply looking to form a stronger connection with this powerful tool you already possess, this course has something to offer you! 


"The Reconnected Voice course was a magical experience for me and I highly recommend it to anyone!”
- Dagmara Donohue
"After Each Session I Felt More Connected With My Voice; With My Speaking, With The Words And With The Sounds. With Confidence I Can Now Say That I Feel More Free When I Sing And Thereby Get More Pleasure From It."
- Annemarie Lutgerhorst

  • New-found confidence to use your voice 
  • Stronger connection with your body
  • More loving relationship with your singing voice and inner person
  • Solid basis in singing & breathing technique
  • Beautiful vocal tone
  • Multiple tools for releasing energy blocks in your voice and other areas of your life
  • Reduced stress-levels
  • Easier relaxation in everyday life
  • Knowledge and experience in using your voice as natural pain-relief

I discovered that connected breathing is the basis for all voice work. It brought me closer to myself, into connection with myself, and from there on singing became a new experience, from where everything was and is to be discovered. And Francesca is simply an angel!
- Arjan Kuijpers

What To Expect:

The course consists of 6 one-to-one sessions during which we work together to rewrite your perception of - and connection with - your voice.

We work specifically according to your unique needs and personality, so that stretching the boundaries of your comfort-zone is an enjoyable, organic and liberating process.

The course combines breathing, vocal /singing and visualisation techniques with other holisticmethods, working with your voice from a fully holistic approach.

During sessions energy healing techniques may be applied, and the introduction of methods to use your voice for your own self-healing. How much we use these methods and how deep we go depends on what feels comfortable for you.

Usually the 6 sessions take place over a 6-week timeframe. If you prefer to work more quickly or over a longer time-period this can be discussed during your introductory consultation. 

The below information is to give you an indication of the layout of the 6 sessions,
However the programme is adapted specifically to your unique personality, needs and preferences.

Sessions 1 & 2

  • Building trust to work with your voice
  • Exploring where you are with your voice right now and gaining deeper self-understanding of it, how you feel about it, and what you want from it
  • Learning about the physical make-up of the voice and why your voice does what it does
  • Exploring the different aspects of your instrument from a holistic perspective
  • Developing your connection with your body, breath and sound production
  • Basic breath control exercises
  • Basic vocal technique to develop sound and tone production

Sessions 3 & 4

Continuation of and building on earlier work plus: 

  • Delving deeper into breath control and sound production 
  • Exploration of visualisation techniques
  • We begin exploring the blocks holding you back from using your voice in its fullness and applying techniques to work through them

Sessions 5 & 6

Continuation of and building on earlier work plus: 

  • Deepening your emotional connection with your voice 
  • Further development of breathing and vocal techniques 
  • Deepening use of visualisation work combined with sound, to work through blocks, and to stimulate stress-release, relaxation and self-healing 
  • Applying techniques to song-singing and experiencing of a more deeply connected singing experience

Are You Ready To Invest In Your Voice?

So what is the investment for you to embark on the journey of releasing yourself from a lifetime's worth of holding back your voice?

This price includes a free introductory call & 6 x 1-hour coaching sessions focused entirely on YOU at a time to suit you!

Your Investment:


Please note the number of clients at any one time is limited.

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