Are you ready to enter the depths? 

Be held

in a safe space

as you explore your inner world 

and discover

a new level of Self

waiting to be set free!

How often on a daily basis do you take time to connect with the powerful and awesome tools you have been naturally blessed with?

Simple breathing techniques help you lower stress levels and boost the immune system, enabling you to reclaim control of your overall health in an entirely natural way. And as the body and mind are two aspects of one single incredible and complex system, Guided Imagery enhances the power of Breath Work, as you learn how to use your mind to connect with and send powerful signals to your body, as well as allowing space to tune into those signals your body is giving you, and the deeper messages they hold.

Relax, Release, Rewire




In each Relaxation Session a combination of Breath Work and Guided Imagery is intuitively selected based on what you are needing to work with at that time. These exercises are carefully chosen to bring you into a state of deep relaxation and re-connection with yourself, assisting you to let go of stress, tension, anger, sadness and more. You will also be given advice about follow-up self-care practices. And many of the exercises used are simple enough for you to continue working with by yourself!  

Sessions are available in person and online.

""With Francesca's wonderful guidance I have found a sense of contentment in Relaxation sessions and through this I am learning to transfer what I have learnt to everyday situations. Thank you enormously Francesca!"
- Catherine, Netherlands
(mother of two)

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