Discover the healing potential of your own voice

Be guided in breathing, visualisation and vocal techniques to instigate deep relaxation and self-healing potential on a cellular level

The human voice is a powerful tool that has been used since the dawn of humankind to instigate deep self-connection and promote health and well-being.

Archeological findings have uncovered ancient sound chambers used by our ancestors to enhance the healing power of the voice. Ancient cultural practices still in use today include expression and celebration through the use of the voice and singing. Most modern-day religious practices continue to invoke connection with the Divine through prayer, chanting and song. 

Your voice is a powerful healing tool.
But do YOU know how to use it?

We all have a voice

Have you found yours yet?

Self-created Vocal Sound

benefits include:

Stronger connection with your physical body

Greater ease in self-expression

More emotional balance

Reduced stress & lower blood pressure

Better sleep

Improved physical health on the cellular level

Reduced physical pain

Enhanced spiritual connection

Vocal Sound Healing sessions are a powerful approach if you want to reduce stress and anxiety, physical pain or emotional imbalance, improve your connection with your body or inner self, or are simply curious to explore the incredible possibilities encoded within your own voice. 

You may be someone who finds it difficult to articulate your thoughts and feelings, have hang-ups about your singing voice, or generally struggle in self-expression.

Or you may already be working with your voice and want to deepen your connection with it. 

Whether or not you already have a loving relationship with your voice, if you have a voice (and all humans do), you own an awesome tool filled with immense healing potential!

Are you ready to discover the power of your own voice? 

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