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Sacred Womb Healing With Sound

This intimate 2-hour workshop has been created especially to help women reconnect with the often neglected sacred inner space of the energetic womb.

Breathing & visualisation techniques are combined with vocal sound to help you enter into your inner sacred space, to stimulate the release of stagnant energy held in your womb and to strengthen and deepen your connection with this essential,beautiful aspect of your feminine body.

This workshop is suitable for all women, and may be of particular benefit for women who are experiencing or have experienced physical / emotional issues with this part of themselves.



Wednesday 4th July, 9:30am - 11:30am

Voice Healing

Friday 6th July, 10am - 11am

Guided Relaxation

Thursday 12th July, 8pm - 10pm

Sacred Womb Healing with Sound

Wednesday 18th July, 10am - 11am

'A Space for You' 

(pre-holiday moment of stillness for mamas)

Voice Healing

Do you fear using your voice, be it for singing or speaking your truth?

This workshop has been created to help those who struggle with vocal expression to come into closer contact with their voice. Breathing and visualisation techniques help you to enter into a deep state of connection with your body, and bring awareness to old traumas related to self-expression that have become locked in your body, preventing you from using your voice in its fullness. Opening up this inner space for these (often subconscious) traumas enables you to acknowledged their presence, allowing those parts of yourself that are asking your attention to come to the surface where you can begin the process of releasing them, so that you enter into a freer and more loving relationship with your voice and your vocal expression.

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